Jane Little Botkin

A commemorative plaque in the Acme Saloon talks about John Wesley Hardin

El Paso, the World of Guyrex

By Jane Little Botkin / July 2, 2021 /

Some folks claim that El Paso, Texas, should be El Paso, New Mexico. It’s true that the city sits in isolation from the rest of the state—635 miles from Dallas, 600 miles from Austin, and 551 miles from San Antonio. These same naysayers maintain that Midland, 306 miles away, is true West Texas, not El…

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White roses

The Pink Dress, Memoir of a GuyRex Girl

By Jane Little Botkin / February 22, 2020 /

My parents initiated a truce the year I won a beauty-queen title. Actually, I was promoted to queen, but to my mother, how I received the title was of no consequence. In effect, I moved from a dysfunctional middle-class family into a theatrical ménage of high performers, intent on managing all aspects of my life for one…

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David Street in a suit and tie, black and white

David Street, Hollywood Actor

By Jane Little Botkin / September 30, 2019 /

I just returned from interviewing Jane Street’s grandson and gained a wealth of information.  He had already destroyed some of her work, and I was prepared to find little. Imagine my excitement to discover about a 1 ½” stack of her type-written writings. Poems, short stories, jokes, protest articles.  Who knew there would be so much more…

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Woman with long wavy hair (sepia; 300 x 290)

My Book on Feisty Jane Street, Finished!

By Jane Little Botkin / September 3, 2019 /

I have finally finished my book on Jane Street. While researching and writing the book has been an enjoyable journey, so many of the book’s themes are, unfortunately, evident today. I first came across Jane Street, supposedly a housemaid who organized other domestics against mistresses on Denver’s Capitol Hill, while researching for Frank Little and…

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Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) stamp (300 x 178)

Always Look Under the Floorboards!

By Jane Little Botkin / August 30, 2019 /

Never know what you can discover in old mining camps—under the floorboards, that is. Forget the hardware lying around, or even grains of gold. So far, my friends have found old photos, food cans (labels still-colorful), tobacco cans, and even cans of condoms. But a miners’ union entire ledger? Letters? This is a rich treasure,…

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Framed poster of Winchester Big Games Rifles and Ammunition (185 x 300)

Researching Wyoming’s Boedekers, Truth or Legend?

By Jane Little Botkin / August 3, 2019 /

A famous quote best describes the written lore of Lawman Hank Boedeker: “When confronted with the truth or the legend, print the legend.” Though not much is in print about Henry E. Boedeker, during the 1950s, campfire stories embellished tales of well-known past residents including Marshal Boedeker to impress visiting dudes at ranches across western…

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“Others take notice! First and last warning! 3-7-77, D-C-S-S-W-T” (168 x 300)

3-7-77, On the Anniversary of Frank Little’s Murder

By Jane Little Botkin / July 31, 2019 /

3-7-77. The only clue attached to Frank Little’s corpse swinging on a hemp rope from a Milwaukee Railroad trestle in Butte, Montana, on August 1, 1917. A Bureau of Intelligence agent in charge noted that the pasteboard placard warned the dimensions of a grave: 3-feet wide, 7-feet deep, and 77-inches long. If so, the warning pinned…

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Group of people marching from Lowell (300 x 191)

The Bisbee Deportation: An Ugly History That Has Not Been Rewritten

By Jane Little Botkin / July 11, 2019 /

Tomorrow, July 12, is the 102nd anniversary of the infamous Bisbee Deportation. This horrendous action of Americans taking illegal action against other Americans will be memorialized in Bisbee, Arizona, with a host of speakers. Historians will try to explain the illogical hatred and misplaced patriotism of individuals responsible for the deportation, locals will bring to life the…

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Poster for the Western Writers of America’s event, Literature of the West for the World (300 x 225)

Home from the Western Writers of America Conference

By Jane Little Botkin / June 24, 2019 /

Home from the Western Writers of America Conference. For my friends and family who have no idea what this entails–most of you, let me explain briefly! This is the premiere organization that supports Western authors (all stripes), historians, screen-play writers, song writers, poets, and by extension, producers and actors who benefit from the work that the writers…

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A big family in front of a tent, black and white (271 x 300)

In Remembrance of the Ludlow Massacre, 1914

By Jane Little Botkin / April 22, 2019 /

I found that Frank Little, subject of my first book Frank Little and the IWW: The Blood That Stained an American Family, often spoke of Ludlow in his last years. His final words regarding the Colorado coal miners’ tent colony were on July 20, 1917, during a fiery speech at Finn Hall in Butte, Montana. Immigrant women…

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