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I Accepted a Challenge: Researching and Writing Mary Ann Goodnight’s Story

During a visit to the Charles and Mary Ann Goodnight Ranch House Museum several years ago, I inquired if there ...
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Wanted Miss America Pageant Poster in White

Phyllis George, the Girl-Next-Door Who Became Miss America

It was her dimples that first drew my attention to the Miss America pageant. A more-than-passable piano player with wholesome ...
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An old black-and-white photograph of alligators

Los Lagartos Fountain, What Happened to the San Jacinto Alligators?

(Photo El Paso Historical Society) Recently I returned to El Paso to visit my past—my classmates, Northeast El Paso’s Milagro ...
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Jane Little Botkin

El Paso, the World of Guyrex

Some folks claim that El Paso, Texas, should be El Paso, New Mexico. It’s true that the city sits in ...
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