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El Paso, the World of Guyrex

July 2, 2021
Growing Up in El Paso, TX

The Pink Dress, Memoir of a GuyRex Girl

Jane Street and the Rebel Maids

David Street, Hollywood Actor

Jane Street and the Rebel Maids

My Book on Feisty Jane Street, Finished!

Frank Little and the IWW

Always Look Under the Floorboards!

The Best Part of a Story Is When It Changes

My mom died. It is a strange feeling being an orphan at my age. I am uncomfortable with the void ...
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 A statue of a person riding a horse and the roads in Lander Area (300 x 266)

The Dude Was Born, and the Western Rockies Have Never Been the Same

On my way home from Lander, Wyoming, after a horrible start, so bad that I questioned the wisdom in flying ...
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Two men wearing suits and cowboy hats; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (250 x300)

Who’s Butch Cassidy? For Whom Do We Authors Write?

Here I am, my brain processing facts, connections, and others' analyses for two different books. I can't believe I started ...
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Cartoon of a woman looking at a Mistress Blacklist (300 x 286)

Jane Street and the Housemaid Rebellion: Sex, Syndicalism, and Denver’s Capitol Hill

Since I am about to resume work on my new book, Jane Street and the Housemaid Rebellion: Sex, Syndicalism, and Denver's Capitol ...
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