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El Paso, the World of Guyrex

July 2, 2021
Growing Up in El Paso, TX

The Pink Dress, Memoir of a GuyRex Girl

Jane Street and the Rebel Maids

David Street, Hollywood Actor

Jane Street and the Rebel Maids

My Book on Feisty Jane Street, Finished!

Frank Little and the IWW

Always Look Under the Floorboards!

David Street in a suit and tie, black and white (242 x 300) (1)

David Street, Hollywood Actor

I just returned from interviewing Jane Street’s grandson and gained a wealth of information. He had already destroyed some of ...
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Framed poster of Winchester Big Games Rifles and Ammunition (185 x 300)

Researching Wyoming’s Boedekers, Truth or Legend?

A famous quote best describes the written lore of Lawman Hank Boedeker: "When confronted with the truth or the legend, ...
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A person riding a horse, black and white

Bump Boedeker, Ride “‘Em, Cowboy!”

Taking care of a dying person is draining, but I can fend off depression by concentrating on the Boedeker family. ...
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Cowboy riding a horse logo design

Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys

I email Bump Boedeker’s bronc image to Sarah. I hope the new discovery peaks her interest in her heritage. Cowboys ...
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